Automate your payment operations
with ERP-to-Bank Connectivity.

Trusted by charities just like you.

Enhance overall efficiency for your finance team and prevent fraud or error. Integrate Dynamics 365 and similar back-office systems with your banks for automated payments and statement retrieval.

With fraud on the rise, and 36% of charities the victim of fraud last year alone, there is a huge focus for charities to improve their payment processes and controls to reduce the risk of fraud and error across their payment operations.

The first step in protecting your financial processes is removing the risks associated with manually logging into bank portals. Connecting your back-office systems (like Dynamics 365) with your banks will remove the need for manual intervention. With seamless automation to process payments and retrieve statements, your donors’ contributions are well taken care of.

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AccessPay is trusted by some of the world's leading charities

A more scalable alternative to your legacy system

"When our current supplier made their previous solution redundant, they proposed an alternative cloud-based solution that was drastically more expensive.

Our fundraising efforts are primarily reliant upon Direct Debit collections as one of their main methods of donation collection – therefore any cost to Direct Debit processing is a dent in our total donations.

As a not-for-profit, partnering with AccessPay was a no-brainer: they could ensure a like-for-like solution to one of the industry’s best-known providers for a 33% reduction in cost."

- A world-leading conservation charity


Safeguard your charity's viability and reputation with AccessPay's enhanced security measures

Prevent fraud & error across your operations

We minimise the risk of fraud with our automated ERP-to-bank connectivity, integrating with the likes of Dynamics 365 and NetSuite. The AccessPay platform standardises payment controls, and proactively scans submissions for potentially fraudulent activity.

AccessPay will:

  • detect suspicious transactions in payroll and supplier payments
  • maintain detailed audit trails and enforce user access management with role segregation and dual approval workflows
  • encrypt files to provide comprehensive protection against security threats

Secure your charity's financial stability with AccessPay's robust payment controls and enhanced cash visibility solutions

Implement robust payment controls and cash visibility

Charities with an annual income over £25,000 are subject to independent audits and Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations. The AccessPay platform ensures full compliance with these regulations. AccessPay empowers charities to maintain strong financial controls and accurate reporting, reducing the risk of mismanagement and enhancing financial resilience.

  • Our audit module automates historical data retrieval, saving valuable time and effort from doing this manually
  • With customisable permissions, sanctions screening, statement retrievals, and error detection, AccessPay provides strong payment controls

Say goodbye to unpredictable expenses

Cost-effective alternative

Our transparent annual subscription model gives you peace of mind: There will be no unexpected costs. Unlike some legacy providers, we don't surprise you with hidden transaction fees as your donor base grows, ensuring your charity can budget and grow confidently.

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Automate Direct Debit Collections and BACS Reports

We provide secure BACS connectivity and compatibility with various Direct Debit Management Systems. Additionally, we can automate the retrieval of Direct Debit-related BACS reports like AUDDIS, ARUDD, and ADDACS.

Find out how we helped the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust move on from their outdated legacy system, reducing costs and improving overall accessibility and security across their payment processes

De-risk payments operations with a multi-layered approach

The AccessPay platform supports strong authentication methods, including Smart Cards and Hardware Security Modules (HSM). In addition to the extensive payment controls available, organisations can perform beneficiary checks (Confirmation of Payee and Sanctions Screening) within the platform, adding an extra layer of defence against erroneous or fraudulent payments.

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AccessPay enables secure connectivity to your entire banking estate, automating the download and transformation of transaction data on your behalf.

The files can then be consumed and uploaded to Dynamics 365 via an sFTP plugin which is easily accessible via the Dynamics Marketplace.

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