Finance Transformation Unlocked

Episode 2: Integrating Global Banking Operations To Mitigate Risk with Muzulu


On January 27th, AccessPay hosted the second of their Finance Transformation Unlocked series.

Titled Integrating Global Banking Operations to Mitigate Risk, the virtual event – hosted on LinkedIn Live & YouTube – was the second of the live stream series and, in collaboration with partners Muzulu, discussed best practices in minimising risk as the business operations are scaled.

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Meet our speakers

Dharam Atwal

Dharam Atwal

Senior FRP Sales Consultant at Muzulu

Hamish Johnson

Hamish Johnson

Partner at Muzulu

Parvez Patel

Parvez Patel

Product Manager at AccessPay

Dan Palmer

Dan Palmer

Campaign Manager at AccessPay


What is Finance Transformation Unlocked?

Finance Transformation Unlocked is AccessPay’s live event series, taking place on LinkedIn Live and YouTube.

Born from the dearth of finance and automation-based virtual events, we aim to partner with key figures and businesses across the financial sector on a regular basis, offering both thought leadership and facets of interactivity.

What did Integrating Global Banking Operations to Mitigate Risk address?

In the session we discussed the ways in which corporates can reduce manual interventions and build robust processes throughout their finance function, helping to achieve more visibility and control.  

The aim was to provide valuable insights for CFOs, Group Finance, and Finance Operations leaders looking to reduce risk as they scale their business operations. 

AccessPay’s Partnership with Muzulu

We partner with this best-of-breed ERP consultancy to build secure, automated integrations between clients' banks and their back-office.

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