Finance Transformation Unlocked

Episode 4: Top Tips for Effective Finance Transformation with Fast Four and Zego


For finance and treasury professionals, the need for finance transformation is greater than ever.

Between increasing cyber-attacks and an evolving financial landscape, there's never been a more vital time to futureproof your corporate banking operations. This is known as Finance Transformation. But what does this really mean, and what’s involved in such a project? 

In this episode, we are joined by partner FastFour, and our mutual customer; Zego to deep dive into the what’s actually involved in a Finance Transformation project.

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Meet our speakers

Jurian van MaanenJurian van Maanen

Vice President Expansion Apps at Zone & Co

Ben RobsonBen Robson

Systems Accountant at Zego

James StocktonJames Stockton

Head of Partner and Market Development at AccessPay


What is Finance Transformation Unlocked?

Finance Transformation Unlocked is AccessPay’s new event series, taking place on LinkedIn Live.

Born from the dearth of finance and automation-based virtual events, we aim to partner with key figures and businesses across the financial sector on a regular basis, offering both thought leadership and facets of interactivity.

What did Top Tips for Effective Finance Transformation Address?

In this session, James Stockton, Head of Partner and Market Development at AccessPay is joined by Jurian van Maanen, Vice President of Expansion Apps at Fast Four (now Zone and Co), and Ben Robson, Systems Accountant at Zego where they share their combined knowledge and experience on Finance Transformation, including key tips and takeaways finance leaders need to consider when undertaking such a project.  

They look at: 

  • What does Finance Transformation actually mean
  • What are customers typically looking to transform
  • What’s involved in a Finance Transformation project
  • What do businesses need to consider when transforming
  • What are the advantages of moving to a cloud based solution to manager your finance function

If you’re considering undertaking a finance transformation project this episode is not to be missed. 

Where Can I Learn More About Embedded Corporate Banking?

If you’ve watched our latest instalment and want to know more, we’ve got you covered. 

You can find our eBook - Introducing Embedded Corporate Bankinghere. Feel free to download it as a PDF and have a read in your own time. 

To see how Embedded Corporate Banking looks in the context of your own banking operations, book a demo with us now. 

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