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FTU Episode 8: Building A Modern Finance Function

The effectiveness of the finance function is a good indicator of the success (or failure) of the rest of the business. It's important to modernise this function to achieve full efficiency.

In this episode we’ll discuss the “people” aspects of modernisation, with Daniel Eaton, a specialist in finance function talent acquisition Operations Director at Michael Page.

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You can also check out Michael Page's Employee Value Proposition here.

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What is Finance Transformation Unlocked?

Finance Transformation Unlocked is AccessPay’s new event series, taking place on LinkedIn Live.

Born from the dearth of finance and automation-based virtual events, we aim to partner with key figures and businesses across the financial sector on a regular basis, offering both thought leadership and facets of interactivity.

Where Can I Learn More About Embedded Corporate Banking?

If you’ve watched our latest instalment and want to know more, we’ve got you covered. 

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